Dear Camp Gordon Johnston Supporter:

How did all this get started?

Early in 1995 a group of North Florida people began speculating on the possibility of forming a Camp Gordon Johnston Association and holding reunions of men and women who served there. It was soon discovered that a whole lot of people were electrified by the idea, and we began holding regular meetings in Lanark Village or Carrabelle. Result: a smashing first reunion March 1-3, 1996 and a committment to hold annual reunions each March for the foreseeable future. The reunions so far have been great fun and well-attended. They came to Camp Gordon Johnston from every state in the Union during World War II and they're coming from every state for the reunions, too.

There's more…

It may be difficult for you to conceive of the idea of eating well in the environs of the old camp, but it is one of the things that we do during reunions, from the kick-off luncheon to a closing barbecue prepared and served by members of the American Legion Post at Lanark Village, which serves as the Association's informal headquarters. Then there are a lot of restaurants round about specializing in some of the best and freshest seafood in the country.

Let's tour the old camp…

We do it every reunion. That seems to be the main thing that brings most of the guys back'a chance to ramble over the old acres once so well known. The barracks are gone and the training sites mostly obliterated. But our tour leaders, following maps preppared by the Post Engineerbefore and while the camp was in operation, can show you precisely where everything was, and in the process point out an astonishing number of remnants readily identified as Camp Gordon Johnston relics including the docks on the Carrabelle River at Camp Belle, the pilings in Lake Morality where boat crews were trained in life-saving, company streets, especially in the Lanark Village area, and a hand grenade course where fragments can still be easily found.